Quantum Fx Bot Review – Should You Get The Quantumfxbot Download?

February 20, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Is QuantumFXBot a scam? After going through many years of development and comprehensive research, this robot is now able to operate completely on autopilot and has been tested to be suitable for both beginners and advanced Forex traders. A knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is also on-hand to answer all the queries I have regarding the software, and the installation process is described in a clear, step by step manner in the downloadable user guide.

Review of the 6 Filters Utilized by QuantumFXBot

This robot makes use of 6 filters known as the 6 proprietary Quantum Strength Filters (QSF). These technical analysis indicators are the most critical components of this software robot, which commands the algorithm that causes the robot to execute trades on its own. The main goal is to boost profits by ensuring that the robot does not enter into trades based on false entry signals. It mimics the manual trading strategy that is used by its owner when he was working for his previous financial firm.

How Does the Quantum FX Bot Work?

Prior to executing any trade, this robot will first use the six filters to analyze every market situation which can work under any market condition. Its unique trend detection algorithm makes the robot work regardless of the volatility of the market. Using this robot, I can keep track of the detected trend on the charts at any time and see how the robot is using this knowledge to generate continual pips and profits. Another very important component of the software is the strict money management programmed algorithms.

How Do the Money Management Techniques in Quantum FX Bot Really Work?

This money management strategy really hates to lose any money on your account as compared to many other Forex trading systems and robots that I have tried before. Therefore, the stop loss levels are kept very tight and close the price entry levels. If you are interested to see how the robot has performed before, you should go and get the account investor password to see all the past results of the software. It is an automatic way to generate pips on your trading account, but you should not expect this robot to make you rich overnight.

Will the Quantum FX Bot Automated Trading Robot Work For You Too?

Once downloaded, this robot comes trading right out of the box and can be configured to suit your own trading needs. If you are a beginner, you should make use of the default settings before making tweaks if you want to optimize it further.

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