A Forex Trade Robot Can Open And Close The Gates To Forex Fortune

June 9, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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By definition a robot is any machine programmed to perform actions that would normally be performed by human beings. Forex trade is the exchange of one currency for another in the attempt to profit from the relative values of the pair. Therefore a forex trade robot is a machine programmed to automatically exchange currencies at optimal rates.

Some tasks are suitable for robots to do and others are not. For example robots are very useful in making cars. They are proved to be more accurate, speedy and economical and when it comes to lifting sheets of metal and welding them in place. They are also able to play chess and defeat acknowledged chess masters.

With the advance of GPS navigating systems it is predicted that robots will soon be able to drive cars safely. Already they are used as auto pilots on aeroplanes. They also perform many household chores and are invaluable at opening and shutting gates.

Although a robot can play chess it cannot interact with another human being. The attempts by some companies to short cut their services to clients by installing a robotic answering machine behind a picture of a pretty girl with a microphone are disastrous.

They are unlikely to buy or use the product associated with the robotic girl. A complicated query that involves a personal problem and some emotion cannot be answered by an automated response. In fact, such a response will simply be counterproductive. It will not satisfy a client’s needs, and so annoy him that he will probably depart in a dudgeon.

Artificial intelligence may have mastered the art of chess but it has not yet cracked the code of human communication. Robots may smile, but the light of emotion does not come on. They do not read between the lines or turn their shoulder involuntarily, so communicating the sort of dislike that even the simplest human girl can do instinctively.

When thinking about automated forex trading one has to take into account the efficacy and the inadequacy of robots. Most successful traders will admit that emotions play a huge role in trading and advise that one needs to stick to a strategy in a disciplined way. Thus far a robot would seem to be the answer. It won’t get greedy and will stick to a strategy exactly. However, it will not react to the news of bombs raining down on New York, or an inexplicable political decision in Australia. It is no more infallible than a human being when it comes to reacting quickly to changing circumstances.

A forex trading robot is a tool, or implement, like a tractor. A successful farmer needs a tractor to complete many operations more efficiently than any human being can do. But the tractor cannot farm for itself because it cannot perform complex higher order thought operations. It cannot, for example, think about whether or not to invest in an implement that can make the difference between profit and loss.

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Robot Performance And The Forex Spread

June 2, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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The size of a forex spread has an effect on robot performance. Most robots are short-term traders and perform better on a tighter interval. The client profits from small pip movements and receives steady returns. This minimizes risk, although it also minimizes windfalls.

All currencies are paired in a trade. The base currency, usually, is the US dollar. The counter currency is what is being traded against the dollar. Each country’s currency has a unique symbol. For example, USD/JPY stands for the United States’ dollar and Japan’s yen.

Each trading pair lists two different prices. The first is called the bid price. This is the price at which the investor will buy the base currency in exchange for the counter currency. The second is called the ask price. This is the price at which the investor will sell base currency to acquire counter currency. The best robots execute a trade when they anticipate that the currency they are buying will exceed the value of the currency they are selling.

The difference between the ask price and the bid price is called a spread. Both prices are always five digits long (e. G., 123.45). The last digit is called a pip. If the USD/JPY pair has a bid price of 123.45 and an ask price of 123.50, the difference is called a five-pip spread. Investors must recoup at least five pips when they sell the currency to break even.

Very few brokers charge an overt commission for a forex trade. Instead, they add onto each spread. They may trade at a five-pip instead of a four-pip and then keep the extra pip as compensation. Brokers add extra pips depending on how much they want to make on each trade. Take add-ons into consideration when choosing a broker.

Different robots perform differently. Most robots work best with particular currency pairs, although they can analyze and trade any pair. Also, different robots are comfortable with different spreads. When a robot trades outside of its typical zone, it can negatively impact performance.

Overall, robots do best with a tight spread. This is because most robots are short-term traders. They are not programmed to ride out large and volatile spreads. With small spreads, they deliver consistent results.

Robot performance is absolutely impacted by the size of a forex spread. The size of spreads should also be considered when choosing a broker. A broker who widens the spreads makes a large cut of an investor’s profits. The wider spreads also negatively impact the robots.

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Important Tips For Forex Broker Review

June 1, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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With the advent of retail currency trading the number of brokers offering online trading has grown throughout the world. It is advisable that before one is chosen, traders should undertake a forex broker review in order to identify one that is regulated and provides the type of trading account that is required. One would also need to know the cost to do business, the level of customer support and the trading platform that is provided.

The amount of money available for trading will help to determine the type of account that will be used by the trader. Some firms offer standard and mini accounts, while some include micro accounts. The mini and micro accounts allows a trader to trade with a relatively lower minimum capital than that required for a standard account.

Knowing how much will be charge for each trade execution is important. Brokerage firm makes money from spread. Forex spread is the difference between the bidding and asking price. Some firms offer fix spread while others offer variable spread, or a percentage of the spread may be charged as a commission. In-depth knowledge of how each of these will affect one’s trading as it relates to cost should be acquired.

Not being able to make contact with the help desk in the event that a technical failure occurs can be a trader’s worst nightmare. It is therefore important to ascertain beforehand what means of communication will be established whenever the need arises. Reliable customer support is therefore essential to alleviate this problem. Trading with a demo account and observing the help desk response to questions are some of the ways to find out what may happen when trading with live capital.

A wide array of platform is available for trading. A research should be done in order to find the one that satisfies one’s requirements. First and foremost a good trading platform should be easy to use, placing orders and managing trades effectively should not be difficult. It should also be able to provide information on the account balance, and all open positions in the currency that is being traded along with a displays of all the currencies that the trader requires. The platform should also be able to generate a report of all previous trades. Additionally charts and tools should be user friendly.

Foreign exchange trading is regarded as the largest financial market. Countries that offer forex brokerage services have rules and regulation that govern these activities. Some countries’ financial regulatory guidelines are more stringent than others. It is advisable that a thorough research is carried out in this area to ensure that the broker that is chosen meets all the requirements of the financial monitoring authorities in the country that it is registered to do business.

A forex broker review is one of the important steps that ought to be taken when preparing to trade the currency market.This will provide the information that is required to satisfy one’s needs and expectations as an active trader. The result of this exercise will also form the basis for choosing a particular company. Trading is a business hence careful consideration should be given to this area.

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The Forex Megadroid Automated Trading

May 3, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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For those looking to make money from the largest financial market in the world, using automated trading software like Forex Megadroid may well be a good what you are looking for. The Forex or Foreign Currency Exchange is the largest market on the planet for trading foreign currency, but the process of making money on this market is not easy.

It takes time and money to become a successful trader and many people do just that each day, but finding a solution that is rewarding can take some time. Software that allow much of the online trading practice run that little bit smoother and should mean more money for the trader.

Forex Megadroid was developed by two people with many years of experience within the trading industry and found that many of trading robots around were not up to scratch and did not fully automate things as they should. Often these robots needed extra tweaking to enable then to function effectively.

With this system it is simply a case of installing the software onto the computer and then set it to do the trading for you at you usual times etc. This software claims to be almost one hundred percent accurate in every market condition this is because of the finely tuned formulas and algorithms in the system.

The algorithm in the system is known as Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis or RCTPA for short. The developers have spent many years working on this system to enable it to be the best at correctly forecasting the trends in the finance market and trade more effectively.

This automated system will uniquely and accurately predict future market trends by working on the basis of pass market behavior. Another thing is this Megadroids invisibility. Unlike almost every other robot systems this leaves no trace that trading is automated. This is beneficial because in some cases when a broker realizes that trading is being done automatically they will make changes to the spreads which could confuse the system.

The Forex Megadroid software will be a handy investment for traders new and old. This can be of particular help to those who are new to trading or do not have much time for watching the markets. Anyone who is serious about making money on the financial markets will find benefit from this software. A money back guarantee on this product will also allow you to give it a trial run to see all the benefits that a product like this can bring .

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Does A Forex Expert Advisor Really Work

March 20, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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At the outset we must first understand what a forex expert advisor is and what it is meant to do. This is not a person we are talking about, nor a group of people. This is a digital program, a software that is installed and runs on a computer. This software places trades much like buying and selling shares online, only it works automatically!

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals on the internet, and located all over the globe, who buy and sell foreign currency for profit. They operate through their computers connected to the internet through brokers. The internet allows traders to be located anywhere on the globe and be connected to brokers across continents and make consistent profits day after day buying and selling currencies. They work through a Network called the Electronic Currency Network or ECN.

The ECN is a network where all the banks of the world converge to buy and sell currency to make profits. The trader requires an interface installed on his computer in order to be connected to the ECN. This software is provided to him, or her, by the broker when the trader signs up for an account.

This interfacing platform we ate talking about is the famous and versatile MT5 or earlier version the MT4. MT stands for Meta Trader. The trader is linked to the brokers server through the MT4 or 5 and from there to the ECN. The Expert Advisor is installed on to this platform to automatically process orders.

The trick every trader needs to learn is to predict if the currency being traded is going to go up or down. It is possible to profit from both movements. Traders have some tools called technical analysis tools to help them decide whether to buy or sell a particular currency. These are the charting software that comes with the MT platform. If orders were to be processed manually traders would have to sit for hours doing nothing but watch their monitors. The Expert advisors cut out this drag. They place orders and close them automatically.

Not, everyone has such patience. This is where special software called a forex expert advisor comes in. Depending on the strategy it is built around, it used charting to recognize market trends, trading opportunities and profitable positions. The EA, as it is also known, will then automatically place an order and close it to book profits or prevent further loss as the case may be. Sure, it can make mistakes but these are few and far between. On the average, EAs make profitable trade over long periods of time. People have known to double their investment within months with a good EA, and what is more the trader need not sit at his terminal at all. The system is fully automatic.

On the downside, the EA needs to be constantly connected to the broker’s terminal. If there is a problem with the internet connection at the traders end and the EA is in a trade things could go drastically wrong. So, one needs a good connection, an honest broker and a tried and tested EA to make consistent profits.

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Can Traders Rake In Profits Using The Forex Over Drive

March 18, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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First of all let us discover what the Forex Over Drive actually is and what it is programmed to do. This is an automated trading system used by forex traders to make money on autopilot. Forex is just like trading stocks and shares. It is the trading of currencies of the world for profit. People from every country are involved in buying and selling of currencies for profit. The biggest traders are the banks. They trade through a common platform called the Electronic Currency Network. Traders are connected to it through their computers and their broker’s servers.

Most of the trading is carried out manually. So, in order to be successful and make profits a trader will need to educate himself about the market conditions and how they work. This will mean studying many years of historical data in the form of charts and tables, as well as knowing how to make use of the many trading tools provided with the trading interface that the broker has provided. In any case it may be many years before any broker can really make a living from foreign exchange trading, let alone get rich from it.

All this sweat and uncertainty, not to mention the snails pace, forced traders to join hands with great programmers and they created the automated forex trading systems called the “Expert Advisers”. This is not a person but a clever program that automatically places orders and closes them without having to be supervised.

Now, instead of humans having to sit before their computers for hours on end waiting for trading conditions to develop and make profits, all one has to do is to install an Expert Advisor and let it work 24 hours a day, placing orders and closing them, automatically through the Internet.

The EA, as it is known will take care of all the trades and profit making, even controlling losing trades. By placing both, long as well as short orders the EA can take advantage of both movements of the markets. These programs are tested over many years of historical charts and technical data before they are put on the market for others to use. However, should the trader want, he can test it personally through his platform as well.

It will also close out the orders should the market move against it in order to minimize losses. On an average of a month the Expert Advisor will rake in a profit, though there will be a few losing trades as well. The robot has a good performance record.

All that is needed to make money with an Expert Advisor working for you is to have a reliable internet connection, a tried and tested expert advisor and an honest broker.

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Forex Expert Advisor Review – Reviews About Forex Expert Advisor

February 17, 2012 by Patrick Robinson  
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If you are trying to engage in the foreign exchange business and you want to use a robot for your transactions, then it can be a big help if you are going to read a Forex Expert Advisor review first. This way, you will be able to fully assess if you are really using a good tool for your investments. As you already know, this kind of business is rather risky and unpredictable.

If you want to make sure that you will have a safer ground in the foreign exchange, you need to be equipped with these kinds of tools. With these robots, there is a greater chance that you will succeed. But, as mentioned, you need to read a good Forex Expert Advisor review first so that you will have an idea as to what you should use.

When reading a Forex Expert Advisor review, you must realize that not all of the robots that are available can really provide a risk-free investment. They can help you analyze the market and make a better assessment of your investments. The economic indicators will be presented to you but it is still up to you to determine if the market is favorable.

There are several kinds of robots out there. There are those that can provide all the necessary data that you need. As a matter of fact, there are also those that can complete a transaction in your behalf. Some are fully automated that they can even place bets in your behalf.

So if you want to be certain that you will be able to make it work for your advantage, it is necessary that you know what you should look for. One of the things that you should consider is your trading style. This is necessary if you want to make sure that the robot will really work for your advantage.

As with any kind of venture, you should realize that you cannot just depend on these tools. They will be able to assist you with your transactions but it is still up to you how you will be able to make them work for your advantage.

Although, you cannot just depend on a Forex Expert Advisor review, there is still a need for you to look for other sources of information such as online forums and discussions.

In general, the foreign exchange is indeed a very unpredictable market so it will do you good if you will look for a good tool that can assist you with your transactions.

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Fap Turbo – The Leading Automated Trading Software

February 2, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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Fap Turbo is a forex robot that has all the functions fully automated and also works. This piece of software is claimed to actually double the amount of money invested in no more than thirty days, without any manual trading.

Old forex robots did not prove to worth the money invested and this pattern is also found today. Almost all of them were disappointments as many traders did not make profit. What the previous forex robots failed to provide was the proper interaction between the human trader and the software. The new forex robot is a tool that reflects the choices of the trader and it can adapt to automate the process.

A forex trader makes analyses of the market and tries to catch different patterns. This is the way in which a lot of profit can be made from this market with enormous possibilities. Fap Turbo was developed by three people: Mike, Steve and Ulrich. They made this system to be practical and flexible to the user.

This new product does not speculate. It works alone, after the right parameters have been chosen by the human trader. It will save the user many precious hours. The trader will have more free time.

There is no need to invest large sums of money in this thing. The minimum amount to begin with can be as little as just fifty dollars. This amount can be used as a test and then bigger sums can be traded. From the first trades, the profit can be seen and this is made on autopilot. People can go shopping or jogging while the forex robot makes the trading for them.

Usually a software program like this will be installed on the computer of the customer and the computer will be kept on all day. It is not the case for this software, as it can be installed on the company servers and it can work from there. People can decide what to do.

Many people who tried Fap Turbo have experienced great wealth. Some of them just gained small profits, but in general this is the best automated forex software available. There are few marketers that have not heard of this tool. More than fifty thousand robots have been sold by this company and the sales are still growing. Most of the traders actually say that even when they trade manually, they cannot reproduce the moves of the program. It always surprises them with its way of trading.

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A Forex Robot Can Make A Difference

January 16, 2012 by Rudolf Boquiren  
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The forex market can be very lucrative. Although it is an international market it is open to ordinary individuals and can be traded twenty four hours per a day. Because it is so huge it is extremely volatile and liquid, meaning that trades are available in a continuous stream. All these conditions create ideal conditions for a forex robot and it has not taken long for software engineers to come up with solutions.

The forex market creates opportunities to make a fortune almost continuously, yet most people have to see these opportunities slipping out of their grasp as reversals takes place, or as incorrect decisions are taken. The situation may be compared with a most desired thing being dangled in front of one’s face and then being snatched away as one reaches out for it.

Many traditional jobs have recently disappeared due to mechanization. A single machine can often do a job more efficiently and economically than a dozen men. It appears that such a scenario might now have appeared on the foreign exchange markets. Robots are becoming accepted features of the scene, as indispensable equipment becomes part of any agricultural or industrial scene.

Robots can complete complex calculations more quickly and accurately than a human brain can. In addition to speed and accuracy computers are free of the emotions such as fear, greed and anger that so often distort human instincts and decisions. This may be the main advantage that they have over experience and instinct.

Algorithms are mathematical procedures in which probable outcomes are calculated on the basis of inputs. It is clear that such calculations can be better done by computer software. Based on market movements they can calculate probable future events and produce buy and sell signals rapidly.

It appears to be a moot point now whether it is the traditional market drivers of fear and greed that are moving markets or the combined actions of thousands of automated traders. If there is plethora of buy signals generated at the same time by auto traders to buy silver, for example, they will have the potential to drive the market up in the short term. This can actually throw men and machines into disarray.

Sound advice is to monitor the robot carefully. It may be best to personally set stop losses and risk settings. It is possible to get a risk free feel for how the software works by using a practice account until one feels confident with the way that it operates. So it is not a matter of abdicating all responsibility.

A forex robot needs an operator, just as a corn harvester needs a driver. Careful consideration has to be given to the various robots that are available. Some are better in particular circumstances and the fact that market circumstances alter continuously complicates this issue. Therefore, though the robot may make trading much more effective, it remains a tool to be used by a human being to greater or lesser effect.

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Fibonacci Forex Trading Software – Techniques And Tricks

January 11, 2012 by Patrick Robinson  
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Fibonacci forex trading software is being used by an overwhelming number of beginners and even professional foreign exchange brokers in many countries and even worldwide. They use it as a basis of many foreign exchange trade systems and also to increase profitable trade every year because of the trade techniques in this special online program.

Italian Mathematician, Leonardo Pisano, is the father of the Fibonacci forex trading software. He is known best for his famous sequence. In currency and foreign exchange trade, the most important is the ratios that are derived from the sequence such as .236, .50, .382, .618 and others.

Fibonacci forex trading software also has mathematical proportions prevalent in many places and structures in nature. It is beneficial because the price change follows the ratios very closely and is used as indicators of resistance and support levels.

To calculate price points, levels and foreign exchange currency pairs in advance, Fibonacci forex trading software is also important and necessary so that a trader or a broken can know and decide whether he or she wants to enter the market or exit the market based on the online predictions given.

The ratios can be used to describe the communion between trends and counter trends markets such as 62%, 50% and 38% retracements from the primary levels. These percentages should be applied in either direction after the trend to predict the extent of the counter trend swing. There are a lot of different techniques used in this online foreign exchange program.

Pattern and retracements can give you excellent trade chance and opportunity which is something you should be familiar of. You can also stretch the grid over the most obvious up and or down wave and then you can see how the percentages cross the key price levels.

There are also some instances that can bring you a great loss instead of profit once you become impulsive. You should be very observant in identifying the highs, lows as well as the moving averages to confirm the importance of an absolute level.

When nothing lines up perfectly, you have to move to a fresh chart. This will generate most in the price chart and it can strongly phase between the patterns that can expose highly reversals at great asking prices and all these features and benefits can be retrieved with Fibonacci forex trading software and the techniques as well as tricks to improve profits.

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