Daily Pip Avalanche Review – Is Daily Pip Avalanche Scam?

June 13, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Are you wondering if the Daily Pip Avalanche software service is a scam? This is quite a new product that is being introduced to Internet marketing community, and I was glad to have gotten one of the early opportunities to be a beta tester for this program. This product is basically a trade signals service that comes along with a trade copier software as well. What it dies is basically tell me which trades are being found and executed on the main trading system, and I can then go ahead and execute these trades for myself.

What Does the Daily Pip Avalanche Software Do For Me?

This automated trading signals service has helped me to cut down in the amount of time that I need to spend every day looking for reliable trading signals. Of course, the most important factor is still whether or not the signals are profitable or not, otherwise there would be absolutely no reason to follow it.

So far, I would describe its beta testing performance as above average, though I would still say that longer rime trading periods is still necessary to accurately determine whether or not this product will be profitable over the long term.

What Are Some of the Materials Provided in the Daily Pip Avalanche Downloadable Package?

Some of the more useful stuff provided would be the indicators that I can plot on the charts abs use them to quickly analyze the markets every day without having to do extensive work like how I used to. There is also a manual trading system provided that searches for medium term time frame trades and an EA copier that can execute all the trades which follow the signals that have been generated by the signals service. The EA provides my trading platform with precise orders execution rules, such as whether to go long or short, how much to trade and how much stop losses to set.

How Do You Know if the Daily Pip Avalanche System Will Work For You?

Before getting this product, you should first check whether or not the software can be integrated with the Forex dealers that you are using. Of course, if you are new to Forex trading, you can always check up on the list of supported dealers before getting an account with one of those brokers. In terms of training, step by step video training videos were provided, therefore making it easy and quick to set this program up and start executing the trades with the signals generated.

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Trademiner Review

May 30, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Do you wish to learn how to enter profitable trades in Forex with the TradeMiner software program? Having used the software to find many trades, I already know that it is a program that works to identify short term trends very quickly. Having this knowledge is critical to understanding the secrets to making consistent profitable trades from the Forex market. The program also gives me access to a lot of mining data in the financial markets, which is an industry that has really grown very quickly over the last couple of years.

1. How Exactly Does the TradeMiner Forex Software Work?

The most important aspect I had to understand about this program before I could start profiting from it was their internal software ranking system. This system identifies the most profitable trading setups for me out of a list of opportunities that have been detected. These opportunities are not only restricted to the Forex market. They can also be chart setups in the futures and stock market, and these markets can produce profitable results as well as long as the proven technical analysis setups show up on their charts.

2. Review of the Ranking System of TradeMiner Software

This ranking system works on a number scale from 0 to 5, while each rank is also given a color code as well. A green color code would be that it is very safe to go ahead with the trade, yellow meaning that I can still trade the opportunity while red indicates that I should stay out altogether. Once I have read and understood the entire training manual, I could see that the software uses a lot of mathematics and artificial intelligence to conduct its analysis.

3. What Am I Able to Do with the TradeMiner Mining Software and What Are Some of its Potential Weaknesses?

This software allows me to search for every currency pair, stock and future contract and provides me with a report of their technical setup. Throughout its past 15 years of trading, its average winning trading ratio has been 80%. Personally, the only problem I have with this program is the fact it is completely mechanical and looks at statistics and numbers.

Before I enter into the trades, I would spend a little more time analyzing the bigger fundamental picture before assessing the trade again, and so far this approach has been working very well for me. Combining several analysis tools together with its internal ranking system has also helped to boost my trading accuracy rate.

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Million Dollar Pips Review

April 14, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Would you like to find out more information about the Million Dollar Pips Forex robot trader software, and whether or not it really works to make money for its users? This automated trading tool was launched about a month ago and has been undergoing a live account test on my trading account. This automated Forex robot comes with many features that I am very pleased with, and these features really make the product stand out from the other Forex systems and robots in the market.

Won’t the Effectiveness of the Million Dollar Pips Robot Be Affected if Too Many Traders Are Using it at the Same Time?

While some users are worried that the effectiveness of this robot might be affected if too many traders are using it simultaneously, this is in fact a myth. The consistency of the results that this robot has been showing even after its huge release proves that due to the trillions of dollars traded on the Forex market, it is very difficult to dilute the profitability of this robot software. It certainly has not been having a negative effect on my trading profits so far.

Why Was the Million Dollar Pips Software Created, and Will You Benefit From Using It?

As with many other legitimate business and investment opportunity, forex trading can sometimes be very time consuming. Because of that, this robot’s owners decided that if they could input all their manual system’s trading rules, they will be able to successfully continue earning the income that they are earning while requiring lesser time and effort to do so. If you are interested in using a forex trading robot to generate an automated and sustainable income, you will definitely want to find out more about this software.

Will You Be Able to Profit from the Forex Markets Using Million Dollar Pips?

The forex market was once only accessible to very large financial institutions and funds. However, anyone can get a forex brokerage account and start buying and selling currencies to generate an extra or full time income online. Despite that fact, most average people are still not aware of these great opportunities since they are not widely advertised and publicized.

This robot has given me the opportunity to make money consistently from a trillion dollar market. Also, if you are already trading Forex manually and finding it extremely time consuming, you can also start using this bot to automate trading profits.

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Vladimir Forex Signals Review – How Do Vladimir Ribakov’s Life Forex Signals Work?

April 7, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Would you like to find out more about how the Vladimir Forex Signals service works and whether or not it is really profitable? This is truly a very unique FX service where Vladimir will deposit his own money into the trading account according to the number of members that he has. For example, Vladimir has stated that he will be depositing $10 multiplied by the number of members in his service every month. This is to encourage high volume trading and profits will be split amongst members in the service.

Review of the Real Money Account that will be Set Up in the Vladimir Forex Signals Membership Area

Specific service members will be picked to trade on this account based on their track record. These members will be given full freedom to trade on the account based on the methods that have been taught. Vladimir will provide his full guidance for this panel of traders and all the profits gained on the account will be shared amongst members. Also, as a member, I can also get access to other high quality services such as the educational webinars, chat, free MT4 programming, guest trader webinars and discussion boxes.

What Will Be the Sources of the Signals Generated by Vladimir Forex Signals Service?

The signals generated by this service will come from a total of 4 different sources. One of the sources is known as Harmonic Pattern signals. Basically, they are signals that are generated through Fibonacci technical analysis which is usually associated with low risk to reward ratios and relatively high probability of trading accuracy. Another source is called Guest Trader Signals. These signals will be available via a trade copier as well as delivered directly from within the members’ area.

What Kind of Knowledge Can You Expect to Be Learning by Joining Vladimir FX Signals?

The knowledge and information that will be provided with this service comes from not only Vladimir himself but also from several veteran traders that he has gotten to know over the years.

These features will be featured as guest traders, and I have certainly found their unique perspectives and strategies to be very useful for giving me a better understanding of how to trade different currencies more profitably. 3 of the first members of the trading panel have already been selected, and they are 3 professionals who have followed Vladimir for many years and gone on to become masters of the trade.

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Click4pips Review – How Does Click 4 Pips Work?

April 5, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Are you wondering if the Click 4 Pips automated trading software is a scam? This is a newly released trading robot that has been fine tuned by its owner to trade on 99% automation to deliver short and long term profitable results. Created by a professional trader Stuart Milner who has been interested in the subject of automatic trading in the Forex markets for many years, this product eliminates all the usual flaws that traditional Forex bots have, which is that they can produce huge losses occasionally.

What Can This Automated Click 4 Pips Software Do for You?

After downloading this product, all I had to do was wait a few minutes for the software to be installed before I could start seeing it trade live on my real money account. The entire installation process was really simple and a step by step installation and settings / performance guide is also provided. In addition to the main software, I have also been provided with an advanced Expert Advisor that compliments the main software with a manual trend trading system.

What Kind of Prior Knowledge Do You Need to Know Before You Can Start Profiting from Click 4 Pips?

Despite the fact that this software uses several highly advanced trading strategies, beta testing has shown that users can have very little to no knowledge about Forex trading and still get this robot to work profitably for them. The installation and configuration process is also very simple as all the instructions are provided in a separate guide. Using the software also requires me to spend just a couple of minutes every day to ensure that it is working according to instructions and trading the currency pairs.

What Do You Need to do to Keep the Click 4 Pips Robot Running Smoothly?

Although this automated trading tool does require some effort to maintain to keep it running smoothly, it certainly does not require many hours of work every day. It also works in real time so it captures every trading opportunity that shows according to its indicators, something that a human trader will never be able to do.

Stuart is also a software specialist who managed to take this manual trading system used by financial institutions in London and program it to make it work automatically. If you are interested in a Forex trading solution that has a very low learning curve, you will definitely want to find out more about Click 4 Pips.

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Vladimir Forex Signals Review – Are Vladimir Forex Signals A Scam?

March 6, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Are you wondering if the Vladimir Forex Signals service is a scam? This service will be broken up into 2 different components. These 2 components are known as Practical and Educational. The practical component gives me access to the generated Forex signals and my own unique account. The educational component contains a social network of traders using these signals and is also where members can get access to mentoring.

How Will the Vladimir Forex Signals Be Delivered?

It is worth noting that the signals will come only from Vladimir himself but also from of the most successful traders he has met over his trading career. This source of signals will be referred to as the Guest Trader. The signals that will be coming from Vladimir himself will be sent automatically via a piece of trade copier software provided in the members’ area. These signlas wil also be provided together with clear explanations that are sent via an alert email service directly to the MetaTrader platform on members’ PCs.

What Are Some of the Services Members Can Expect to Get from Joining the Vladimir Forex Signals Site?

Besides the Guest Trader signals and Vladimir’s signals, other signals will also come from the Shared Members’ Account signals and Harmonic Pattern signals. I have found that this wide range of services is the reason why the service is able to achieve such a high winning trade rate. In the mentoring and community component, I can also get access to the live trading room where I can observe the trades live and get valuable daily market reviews.

Why Does the Vladimir Forex Signals Service Not Provide Separate Packages for Different Currency Pairs?

If you already know who Vladimir Ribakov is, you may already know that he used to offer a signals service with another well renowned FX trader Bob Iaccino. In that previous service, signals of different currency pairs were offered in different packages. With this new signals service, Vladimir has decided to do away with that structure of membership. The reason is because he feels that members who decide on getting the lower cost packages will definitely miss out on a lot of great signals especially during a very volatile market which, in his own words, would be quite unfair.

What Are the Investors and Critical Reverse Levels in Vladimir Forex Signals All About?

These are the levels that Vladimir provides that gives unique insights of the largest financial institutions and investors who can move the market easily with their trades.

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Quantum Fx Bot Review – Should You Get The Quantumfxbot Download?

February 20, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Is QuantumFXBot a scam? After going through many years of development and comprehensive research, this robot is now able to operate completely on autopilot and has been tested to be suitable for both beginners and advanced Forex traders. A knowledgeable and friendly customer support team is also on-hand to answer all the queries I have regarding the software, and the installation process is described in a clear, step by step manner in the downloadable user guide.

Review of the 6 Filters Utilized by QuantumFXBot

This robot makes use of 6 filters known as the 6 proprietary Quantum Strength Filters (QSF). These technical analysis indicators are the most critical components of this software robot, which commands the algorithm that causes the robot to execute trades on its own. The main goal is to boost profits by ensuring that the robot does not enter into trades based on false entry signals. It mimics the manual trading strategy that is used by its owner when he was working for his previous financial firm.

How Does the Quantum FX Bot Work?

Prior to executing any trade, this robot will first use the six filters to analyze every market situation which can work under any market condition. Its unique trend detection algorithm makes the robot work regardless of the volatility of the market. Using this robot, I can keep track of the detected trend on the charts at any time and see how the robot is using this knowledge to generate continual pips and profits. Another very important component of the software is the strict money management programmed algorithms.

How Do the Money Management Techniques in Quantum FX Bot Really Work?

This money management strategy really hates to lose any money on your account as compared to many other Forex trading systems and robots that I have tried before. Therefore, the stop loss levels are kept very tight and close the price entry levels. If you are interested to see how the robot has performed before, you should go and get the account investor password to see all the past results of the software. It is an automatic way to generate pips on your trading account, but you should not expect this robot to make you rich overnight.

Will the Quantum FX Bot Automated Trading Robot Work For You Too?

Once downloaded, this robot comes trading right out of the box and can be configured to suit your own trading needs. If you are a beginner, you should make use of the default settings before making tweaks if you want to optimize it further.

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Wall Street Cloner Review – Forex Signal Providers Service

February 18, 2012 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Would you like to find out more information about the Forex signal providers service called Wall Street Cloner and whether or not it can really help you to generate more profits from Forex trading? For trading the Forex market, it has been proven that it is much safer and more profitable to have a human verifying and looking over the trades instead of simply relying on some trading robot. Rather than being just another overhyped Forex trading robot, this service provides members with real Forex signals sent out by a professional trader.

1. What Can the Wall Street Cloner Software Do For You?

This service provides me with regular updates on the latest market trends in the Forex markets based on the technical and fundamental trading rules described in the guide. Making money on the Forex market can definitely be a very lucrative opportunity for generating extra income from home. However, despite the fact that you do not really need to have much knowledge about currency trading to start using this program, it is still highly advisable for one to know about the basics of Forex trading and why they can rely on the signals provided by this service.

2. Does the Wall Street Cloner Forex Signals Program Really Work?

It is very important to know that this signals service is provided by real professionals instead of relying on automatic software to generate the signals. The owner of this software is making regular income from his own trading techniques, and following this system allows me to duplicate every one of his trades and essential ‘copy’ his success rate. When I had queries, I was also able to contact a customer support team in the members’ area that provided me with prompt and useful replies for my questions.

3. What Are the Products You Can Expect to Receive in the Wall Street Cloner Membership Area?

The signals service is the basic main product provided in the unique membership area. Additionally, there are several addons provided such as the automation software, scalping signals and email signals. I personally found the automation software program to be very useful additions in helping me save even more time on my trading activities.

The software is designed to complement the signals service by receiving the signals provided and then using them for executing trades automatically. This software can be seriously considered if you do not want to spend most of your time keeping track of the market and having to be able to execute those trades right there and then.

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Forex Master Method – Beware Of Scams!

December 12, 2011 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Do you want to find out more about how the new online trading system for trading Forex called Forex Master Method really works? This course comes in physical form, with the package containing a full colour instructional manual and a set of 8 DVDs showing exactly how to execute these strategies in the manual. Besides that, members will also gain access to the proprietary software called the Trade Locator and Power Currency software.

Beta testers who had the early opportunity to test this system out have seen real profit results from this system. It is certainly not like another one of those overhyped automated Forex robots that can make money while you sleep. It does require effort and time to implement the steps described in the trading course.

After signing up, clients will be getting a Forex Master Method physical package delivered to them and personally I have found the training materials to be of very high quality. Most importantly, the strategies are up-to-date with today’s currency trends and updates have been promised when trends in the markets change.

There are a total of 8 DVDs that demonstrate step by step how to execute the trading strategies that Russ Horn has compiled over his many years of Forex trading experience. The trading manual is printed in full color and gives text instructions on how to execute the trades. This manual should be used as a reference while watching the step by step DVD instructions.

So far, Russ has proclaimed his strategy to be a 100% unique trading method which certainly is the case judging by its performance and the methods that it can be seen using so far. Russ also provides very detailed analysis of his strategies and has also created several unique indicators to help easily get in and out of trades at the precise price points. He has also highlighted specific market conditions that members should never trade when they arise and how to manage each trade as they are executed.

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Forex Master Method Review – Is Forex Master Method Reliable?

December 8, 2011 by Ronald Gilbert  
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Are you wondering if the Forex Master Method is reliable? This professional trading system is created by Russ Horn, also the owner of another trading system called Forex Rebellion that I have had great success with. This new trading system has been generating a lot of discussion in online Forex trading forums, and I must admit that I am very exciting after previewing much of the materials that will be included such as the software. Russ has indicated that his trading system is made for traders regardless of their previous trading experience.

What Do Members of the Forex Master Method Get From This Course? Members will be able to get access and learn all the unique trading methods that Russ has been using to profit from the past 10 years. More importantly, he will be explaining the basis of his strategies and help traders how they work before actually risking their own money with the methods. In his physical DVDs and trading manuals, he demonstrates how he manages his trades after he has entered them using his complete set of chart analysis tools. There are also live Q&A webinars conducted periodically to allow members to clear their doubts as they use the trading strategies.

Another one of the very essential components of Forex Master Method is the section about advanced techniques, whereby Russ explains which types of markets should be avoided at all times as there is just not enough confidence level to trade in. Finally, there will be live trading webinars held periodically for members to ask personal questions and share their experiences with other traders to learn from one another.

Can You Really Trust Russ Horn of the Forex Master Method? This course actually reveals Russ’ primary Forex trading system, while he reveals that Forex Rebellion is in fact his secondary trading system. With more than 10 years of professional Forex trading experience, Russ has been helping thousands of traders all over the world generate income from trading, and the quality of training materials he has delivered by email to me have been very impressive as well. His reputation is definitely well proven amongst the FX trading community, and I am definitely very excited to get this limited edition physical Forex trading course.

What Are the Content One Can Expect to Find Inside the Forex Master Method Course? This Forex trading strategy is in fact the second one that Russ has created. The earlier version is called Forex Rebellion which many of the main concepts still apply. Russ has added more powerful indicators and tools with this package that help to make the currency analysis process much faster. It is also updated to work with more stability and consistency in today’s increasing volatile Forex market conditions. Members also get access to new scheduled webinars, new training videos and other content as the Forex market continues to evolve every day.

Roger is a Forex trading enthusiast who makes money trading currencies. There is no Forex Master Method Scam. Go to his website http://forexmastermethodreview.blogspot.com to read a free report about Forex Master Method!


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