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June 11, 2012 by Louis Ratcliffe  
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GBP / USD is the most popular and the most volatile currency pair all major currencies forex. The reason for its volatility is simply because of its popularity, more merchants, “means more movement in the market. This makes the GBP / USD currency pair trading very profitable, but also makes it more sensitive to fluctuations in large and erratic behavior.

There are many different forex trading strategies, such as scalping, a long term business and day each of which can be applied to trading the GBP / USD. One thing that is different in this currency pair has a considerable fluctuations that occur in the trend, and these must be taken into consideration when making a stop loss.

Levels of support and resistance has always been a good indicator of where you put your stop loss, but if the GBP / USD is not uncommon, candle chart peak of 20 to 30 points of support or resistance level before returning to the original direction. What can you do? Well, obvious answer is to get more than a stop-loss, but it is necessary to consider the willingness to take risks, and how much you’re willing to do when it comes to these big swings.

When considering their willingness to take risks you should consider if you are more comfortable in the long-term trader or scalper. If you are going to consider staying in GBP / USD trade considerable amount of time, then stop the loss of more than 100 points are not uncommon, and indeed, if such exchanges.

The use of EMA is a good indicator of where to place your stop loss especially with the currency pairs that show large fluctuations. Where if you intend to trade with GBP / USD over a longer period, then you might want to use two different time schemes framed, for example, a “daily” and “4:00″ smaller part time would be your indicator reversal of development and to keep an eye on the general trend.

Using four different EMA on these cards give you a good indication of what is happening in all areas. In this article I will only discuss the largest of the EMA is an indicator of the loss of stop and save my other secrets to be published elsewhere.

The use of an exponential moving average of 34 periods Pp give you a solid foundation for a global good standing. The use of these four could see EMA is well into a long-term trade in the beginning with stop loss just 60 pips. If you follow the EMA 34 and a stop-loss guide that could end in a trade with 100 pips profit and stop loss of 200 to 300 pips. This does not mean you have to wait for your stop-loss is extinguished before leaving the operation, you can expect the smallest of the EMA to cross to indicate a clear change of direction before leaving.

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