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January 5, 2012 by Aggie Montana  
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This xForex Review will compare this broker site with others that are on the market, indirectly. I’ll explore the ups and downs of the product and give you my honest opinion. I have no bias and no previous knowledge of the product. That said, here we go.

I’ve been reviewing Forex broker sites for quite a while now. I see a lot of the exact same promises and benefits from many of them. The first thing I noticed was the company slogan, Xforex, Simplicity in Trading.

They were cluttered and hard to find the links that you need to even get started. Of course, it’s never difficult to find the button that asks for your initial deposit on most sites. The first button I noticed on this site was the Learning Forex button. I see what’s important to these people.

Most brokers will tell you that they have award winning customer service. You may even believe them, until the first time that you need assistance. Then suddenly, you’re sitting on hold for an hour and once you finally speak to someone you realize that you’re not even talking to someone who works for the company-you’ve just been outsourced. This isn’t the way with xForex. They really do care and they really do provide good customer service.

The first thing you’ll see as you read across the page is a box that says “Learning Forex.” I should end my xForex review right here with the words “choose this broker, the end.” I won’t, though. It may sound like I’m totally biased towards any platform that caters to newcomers. Ok, this is partly true.

Don’t have much money to put into this new branch in your investment tree? Most of us don’t these days. Believe it or not, xForex doesn’t want a big chunk of change to get you up and running. In fact, you need one hundred bucks to get going. That’s it. Again, I’m impressed. Before I end this xForex review, I’ve got one thing to say-you’re going to love this Forex broker. Period.

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