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December 29, 2011 by Robin Vigilante  
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Wanting to learn Forex Trading? Perhaps you have known from your friends and family that so and so has earned millions of dollars annually trading forex and you wish a piece of the action and most especially the money as well.

Well, let me clarify to you that profiting money trading forex is possible but there must be a learning curve combined and a lot of people probably will end up losing money primarily. I wish to call it a lesson learned by paying your fees, in this case your money.

Don’t get me started however based from my own experience, I learned through experiencing countless mistakes and losing money.From there, I recognized the mistakes I’ve made and steadily begin to make money after some years of practice.

Here are some advices that would aid you shorten this learning curve if you wish to learn forex trading.

1. Forex Trading Learning

I absolutely consider a forex trading education is essential.

Forex trading is generally a technical game and you must have an understanding of a basic grasp of financial and forex definitions before you initiate trading forex. For instance terms such as ask and bid price, pivot point, bid/ask spread, limit and stop order and many more. There are many free forex trading courses and tutorials found online therefore you don’t really have to pay any money if you start learning forex trading.

Once you have learned few experience and trade in the forex market after a while, then you are eligible to purchase intermediate to advanced forex trading courses like the forex mentor course.

2. Trying the Mini Forex Account or Forex Simulator

I certainly recommend you to use a forex simulator if you don’t have any experience in trading to get the hang of it.

You can look on the internet for free forex simulator.

Once you experience it, I advise you make a mini forex account.

Opening a mini forex account, will give you the opportunity for trading real money with as little as 100 US dollars

Other reason is that if you do not have the money to create a regular forex account since there is generally a minimum of at least US $5000.

A mini forex account operates similarly as a regular forex account and is advisable method to begin learning and making possible mistakes since your losses are lesser.

When you need to learn forex trading, the two useful tips mentioned above could aid shorten your learning curve and your losses as well.

Fascinated to learn about learn forex? If that’s the case better read learn forex quickly.


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