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December 26, 2011 by Robin Vigilante  
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Wanting to learn Forex Trading? Maybe you have learned from your family and friends that so and so has profited millions of dollars every year trading forex and you desire to have a piece of the action and the money too.

This is certainly what a lot of aspiring traders tried to do, thus it is of great importance that you take the required time and give the necessary patience to learn currency trading in a methodical and effective approach.

Don’t get me wrong however based from my experience, I learned through making many mistakes and losing money.From there, I understand the mistakes I’ve made and increasingly begin to gain profit after some years of practice.

Here are some recommendations that could help shorten this learning curve if you really desire to learn forex trading.

1. Forex Trading Learning

I certainly think a forex trading education is very important.

Forex trading is generally a technical game and you must have an understanding of a basic grasp of financial and forex definitions before you initiate trading forex. For instance terms such as ask and bid price, pivot point, bid/ask spread, limit and stop order and many more. There are various free forex trading courses and tutorials available online so you don’t have to pay any money when you initiate learning forex trading.

Once you have learned few experience and trade in the forex market after a while, then you are eligible to purchase intermediate to advanced forex trading courses like the forex mentor course.

2. Using the Mini Forex Account or Forex Simulator

I definitely advised you to try a forex simulator when you are trading for the first time to experience it.

You may research on the internet for free forex simulator.

Once you experience it, I advise you make a mini forex account.

Using a mini forex account, you are able to begin trading for real money with as little as 100 US dollars.

A good reason is that if you do not have the money to open a regular forex account because of the minimum of at least US $5000.

The mini forex account works similarly as a regular forex account and it is an excellent way to begin learning and making mistakes because your losses are minimum.

If you are interested to learn forex trading, the two effective tips stated above will facilitate shorten your learning curve and your losses.

Serious to understand about learn forex? If so better go through learn forex with the quickness.


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