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December 25, 2011 by Robin Vigilante  
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Forex trading can be a thriving career with huge income prospect. But it is simultaneously high risk. This is the reality for a beginner.

So, the number 1 question – how to begin?

Primarily, in order to win and lower your risk, you have to create a plan and know the strategies and systems that would reduce your risk and of course maximize profits. What I typically implied is to take a forex education. It could be local classes you attend at your neighborhood or online forex courses that you could sign up to.

You have to find a reliable one, with real successful track record. Do not attempt to begin on your own without proper guidance or education.

Next, you will also want a platform, a software to conduct the trading. They are various experienced traders who own EAs or Forex robot that assist them in automation of the trading procedures. Of course, you have to comprehend the parameters and figures to set first before you may even begin on this trading software. You have to understand how to properly use leverage, most importantly how to protect your money, where should you put your stops, reasons for forex losses and how to prevent common pitfalls, and so on.There are too many courses available related to forex regardless of whether they are offline or online courses.There are lots of them. How can you tell which are suitable, which are worthy and the most essential is that you should not fall for scams.

Trustworthy Number 1 Forex Trading Course – Daily Trading System

Daily Trading System owned by Loz Lawn is one of the notable online trading course that I have used.One that includes basic to intermediate to advance.

Most importantly, the course is created to be novice friendly. There are manuals provided and videos teaching you how to trade for a novice. On top of that, Daily Trading System also gives a software platform where you may trade on. You can choose to create live account as well as demo account.

All-in-all, Daily Trading System is perfect for your forex trading formal education.

It would be the only course you need and all the essential tool to trade successfully are given in the course. As it is given online, you would learn on your own space, time and pace and be able to practice using demo accounts.

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